What is Urban Rivers?

Urban Rivers is a nonprofit that reconnects communities to urban rivers through innovative rehabilitation and education.

What is a floating wetland?

A floating wetland is a man-made structure that is designed to encourage the growth of algae and bacteria to clean waterways. They are also used as wildlife habitat structures.

What is it made of?

It is made out of marine grade metal components.

Is this legal?

Yes, we will have all necessary permits and insurance coverage.

Who made it?

The designs are made by Biomatrix Water, but will be implemented and maintained by Urban Rivers.

What are the benefits?

The floating riverbank has many benefits:

  1. Wildlife habitat - fish, ducks, turtles, frogs… all can benefit from radically increased habitat systems compared to the current system of monotonous channelization.

  2. Beautification - the river looks industrial… it hasn’t been built for beauty. That should change. Several studies also prove that elements of nature in cities can decrease anxiety and stress levels of residents.

  3. Education - a floating riverbank in the heart of Chicago will open up opportunities to connect local learners to their local waterways in new and creative ways. The will be able to connect with the water in a new way that will inspire creativity and 21st century skills.


Can I stand on it?

You can not stand on it, it is not intended for this use. It can support the weight of plants and wildlife, but not humans.

How long til I can see it?

Installation will begin Summer 2016.

Can you eat said fish?

It is not recommended you eat the fish.       

How do you secure your rafts?

The floating riverbank is secured by an anchoring system. These anchor the system from above using concrete screws and thick metal wiring.

How do you ensure your rafts will not sink and become a part of the problem?

Our floating riverbank is made of marine-grade, buoyant materials that will not sink. Even in the off chance that one module malfunctioned, it is supported by all of the others and would continue to float just fine.

Where is it located?

The initial installation will take place next to Goose Island, adjacent to the Whole Foods on Kingsbury.

Will it be expanded to multiple locations?

Urban Rivers plans to build the pilot installment near Goose Island and then determine future locations down the line.

Will I be able to launch my kayak from it?

Currently not from our location, There is a dock located at Kayak Chicago, on North ave, about ¼ mile away.