Re-imagining urban rivers

Urban Rivers is a Chicago-based nonprofit, creating a park on the east side of Goose Island in the Chicago River, along the banks of Whole Foods' Lincoln Park store. As of June 2017, the park grew to 1,500 square feet – we are now fundraising for an additional 25,000 square feet that will be installed in 2018, building towards our larger goal of a mile-long park by 2020. The park will primarily consist of floating gardens, which will serve as wildlife habitat, an urban agriculture test site and much more, all to be enjoyed by the local community – wildlife and people alike!

What we strive to achieve:

  • Improve the water quality and beautify the urban landscape
  • Create wildlife habitat where there currently is none
  • Test the feasibility of safely growing edible plants on the river
  • Teach the local community about their urban waterway(s) through educational programming and artistic integration

As these goals are accomplished, they'll help stimulate the local economy by attracting more people to river-based activities, businesses and properties.