Re-imagining urban rivers

Urban Rivers is currently creating a park on the east side of Goose Island in the Chicago River. As of June 2017, the park grew to 1,500 square feet – we are now fundraising for an additional 25,000 square feet that will be installed in 2018, building towards our larger goal of a half-mile long park by 2020. The floating garden serves as wildlife habitat, an urban agriculture test site and much more, all to be enjoyed by the local community – wildlife and people alike!

What we strive to achieve:

  • Improve the water quality and beautify the urban landscape
  • Rehabilitate and grow wildlife habitat
  • Stimulate the local economy by attracting more people to river-based activities and properties
  • Test the feasibility of growing edible plants on the river
  • Teach the local community about their urban waterway(s)